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FTP and File Preparation Information

What is an FTP Site?
An FTP Site is a server where you can download and upload files via the internet. If you don't already have one, you will need to install FTP Client software such as Core FTP, FileZilla, Fetch, etc. "We will guide you through
the simple steps and show you where to download and install free
FTP Client software.

File Preparation
In order to successfully send binary files (Quark, InDesign, Pagemaker, etc.) over the Internet via FTP, you need to prepare them first. There are two reasons for doing so; to shrink the files for faster uploads/downloads, and to prevent files from being corrupted during transit.

Collect all of the files for your project — fonts, documents, images (photos, tiffs, jpgs, pdfs, eps files, all should be 300ppi), (do not use gif or png files for press jobs, they are for web images only). Copy the files into one folder. Be sure to avoid spaces and special characters, when naming your folder.

Use a file compression tool such as Stuffit Lite for Macintosh or WinZip
for Windows to shrink the file sizes and translate them into an Internet-
friendly format.

To create a new zip archive with Mac OSX:
Control or right-click the folder you wish to send us and choose
<Compress Your "FOLDER NAME”>

To create a new zip archive with Windows XP or greater:
Right-click the folder you wish to send us and choose
<Send to "Compressed (zipped) folder” >